2017 Mill Street Brewery Environmental Initiatives

Who We Are

As the producers of Ontario’s first certified organic beer, Mill Street has and continues to lead the way in producing some of Canada’s most environmentally-responsible and award-winning craft beer. Beyond Mill Street Organic, we have a strong environmental story and commitment to tell, including the use of co-generation technology, recyclable and reusable packaging, a full line of natural and preservative-free products, and a commitment to minimize our environmental impact.

What We’re Doing


As the largest producer of certified organic beer in Canada, Mill Street has switched to North American organic malt from European organic malt for our flagship Original Organic Lager in order to reduce shipping distances.

100% of our certified organic barley malt is Canadian grown & processed. Barley is grown in SK & AB, and malted in Thunder Bay, Ontario.   


  • Switched from bagged organic malt to bulk organic malt to eliminate packaging material
  • Most of our bottles have silk-screened labels which allows us to save energy and resources when re-using and washing bottles
  • Eliminated all phosphorus-based cleaning chemicals and replaced them with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Installed a heat recovery system on the brewhouse’s kettle stack.  Recovered energy is used to heat >15,000 litres per day of water to 90°C without any additional energy input.  This water is used in the brewing process and for equipment cleaning.
  • Implemented a Water Conservation Plan
  • New state-of-the-art Freeaire walk-in fridge reduces energy consumption significantly over conventional commercial walk-ins by using cold outside air to increase efficiency.
  •  Clean in Place (CIP) System
    • Reduces water & caustic usage plant wide
    • Allows for more efficient cleaning of tanks & packaging equipment
    • Reduces water specifically being used for every hL of beer produced

Centrifuge System

  • Reduces the amount of filtering powder required
  • Allows for better yeast handling, reducing plant effluent & B.O.D (biological oxygen demand) in the waste water
  • Reduces the amount of beer shrinkage on the brewing side of production, increasing brewing efficiency

 Pump System

  • All pumps are currently being changed over to run at 575 volts as they each come up for maintenance or need to be replaced
  • Ongoing maintenance project going forward with the goal of using less electricity
  • Running at the 575V mark reduces power consumption as the pumps will run more efficiently

ENERNOC program.  We are currently actively working with the city of Toronto who watch our water usage & alert us to available ideas & programs to help us reduce our water/energy consumption…for instance, during high energy demand days in the summer, we are part of a program where we voluntary turn off the cooling jackets on our fermenters (that are already cooled) during peak energy demand times(4 or 8hr blocks) to save energy for the company & overall power grid.

For more info:   http://www.enernoc.com/for-businesses/demandsmart/in-canada 


  • Waste Diversion: We continually improve our plastic & cardboard recycling program, as employees have taken ownership and made huge strides in trying to reduce our waste to landfill.
  • Returned packaging waste material is bundled and shipped off for recycling (includes cardboard and shrink wrap).
  • All our skid wrap is made of 100% compostable & biodegradable material
  • Our bottles are designed for maximum re-use.  Our bottles are sorted and returned in partnership with the Beer Store.
  • all paper bags (malt, filter powders, etc) & cardboard boxes (hops, speciality ingredients) are now being collected & recycled via supplier
  • All brewing & plant cleaning chemicals (acids, bases, detergents, etc) are now being stored on spill proof skids throughout the plant
  • Ensuring that our spent malt is recycled for re-use as cattle feed
  • Yeast Handling;
    • Yeast, along with our current practice of collecting our spent grain is being reprocessed into cattle feed by an outside company
    • See “Centrifuge System”


  • Our event cups are made of 100% biodegradable corn cellulose
  • Working with our event partners to reduce environmental impact (green bins, waste sorting stations, etc.)
  • Event bar runs on a solar-powered pump system
  • We support many environmental groups that are committed to preserving and restoring the environment:
  • EARTH DAY CANADA “Hometown Heroes” program
  • Greenpeace
  • Taskforce to Bring Back the Don River
  • Not Far From the Tree
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • GreenHere
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Earthroots
  • Organic Trade Association
  • OceanWise
  • Green Enterprise Ontario
  • FoodCycles
  • Earthroots
  • Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
  • Ottawa Riverkeeper
  • Friends of the Rouge Watershed
  • Two-Wheel View
  • Cycle Toronto
  • Duncan Gordon Foundation
  • Wilderness Society

Every year, we strive to improve our Sustainability Best Practices, and are pleased to announce that 100% of our certified organic barley malt is Canadian grown & processed.